Panda Research Scam

Is Panda Research a legit paid survey site or is it scam? In my opinion Panda Research is a scam and you should stay away from it.

I signed up with Panda Research when I started doing surveys. Luckily after signing up and logging in, I quikcly realized that they are not a paid survey site, but a paid offer site.

Usually I can tell if a site is a paid survey site or paid offer site just by looking through the “public” information on the site. Panda Research does such a “good” job “convinced” me that they are a paid survey site. Good things is I was not easily fooled – I immediately recognized that those phony surveys are actually offers that cost money to complete! I canceled my account right away and didn’t wasted any more time with them.

Another red flag is you have to reach $100 in your account to request payout – No legitimate paid survey sites/companies has such high payout requirement.

Panda Research is a scam in my book – they claim they are a paid survey site (they call themselves Panda Research, what a joke!) and make everybody believe they have real paid surveys, but in fact they have nothing to do with paid surveys and market research. They “pay” you for signing up offers –  When you sign up those trail offers, often times you have to pay which means providing credit card information, and later on you must cancel the offers within the correct time frame otherwise your will have a hard time to have those advertisers stopping charging you. It is very time consuming and the worse is those advertisers could be spammers or scammers.

On Panada Research website, it says: “Earn $3 to $75 for each paid survey you complete” – this is absolutely misleading!! Yes there are surveys pay over $3 but a good portion of them pay below that amount. Also only focus groups pay as high as $75.

Additionally, if you see anyone (or any websites) promoting Panda Research saying “Earn $3 to $75 for each paid survey you complete”, run away from them too! – those are the ones have no clue what they are talking about or don’t even care (Panda Research pay commission to those who promote them) and probably scammers themselves!!

Stay away and do not waste your time with Panda Research.

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