Panda Research Scam

Is Panda Research a legit paid survey site or is it scam? In my opinion Panda Research is a scam and you should stay away from it.

I signed up with Panda Research when I started doing surveys. Luckily after signing up and logging in, I quikcly realized that they are not a paid survey site, but a paid offer site.

Usually I can tell if a site is a paid survey site or paid offer site just by looking through the “public” information on the site. Panda Research does such a “good” job “convinced” me that they are a paid survey site. Good things is I was not easily fooled – I immediately recognized that those phony surveys are actually offers that cost money to complete! I canceled my account right away and didn’t wasted any more time with them.

Another red flag is you have to reach $100 in your account to request payout – No legitimate paid survey sites/companies has such high payout requirement.

Panda Research is a scam in my book – they claim they are a paid survey site (they call themselves Panda Research, what a joke!) and make everybody believe they have real paid surveys, but in fact they have nothing to do with paid surveys and market research. They “pay” you for signing up offers –  When you sign up those trail offers, often times you have to pay which means providing credit card information, and later on you must cancel the offers within the correct time frame otherwise your will have a hard time to have those advertisers stopping charging you. It is very time consuming and the worse is those advertisers could be spammers or scammers.

On Panada Research website, it says: “Earn $3 to $75 for each paid survey you complete” – this is absolutely misleading!! Yes there are surveys pay over $3 but a good portion of them pay below that amount. Also only focus groups pay as high as $75.

Additionally, if you see anyone (or any websites) promoting Panda Research saying “Earn $3 to $75 for each paid survey you complete”, run away from them too! – those are the ones have no clue what they are talking about or don’t even care (Panda Research pay commission to those who promote them) and probably scammers themselves!!

Stay away and do not waste your time with Panda Research.

If you are looking for legitimate paid survey sites that are free to join and pay, please check out our Free Lists of Legit Paid Survey Sites.

55 thoughts on “Panda Research Scam

  1. I am having trouble getting in touch with anyone, but the companies have to verify that you completed, then panda has to verify… supposedly. I started a few months ago, but would love to figure out howto get my payment because iI it gotten any return emails

  2. Panda Research is a complete scam. I’ve been through the same things mentioned below by so many other folks. Now all I want to do is have them stop sending me e-mails for their phony “surveys” that cost money out of my own pocket. But when I try to unsubscribe, they say my e-mail address is not valid. Funny – that’s the exact e-mail address they’ve been sending their offers to for over a year now! I did at least figure out how to put a filter on my mailbox so their e-mails go directly into the trashcan. Calling the 1-800 number provided does no good either, it’s obviously a fake. Please, steer clear of this company.

    • I have been on for a few months and am owed 130.oo, they approved 6.75, and i cannot get a human to talk to me, or even respond to multiple tickets any ideas?? This is BULLSH*t

      • Brenda. I’m sorry for your difficulties with Panda. The only suggestion I have is to take your losses & chalk it up to experience. You might try contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if there’s anything they can do to shut these guys down.

  3. Does anyone have the phone number to call for payout verification on Panda? I have accumulated $50, received the pop-up showing the number to call but navigated off the page before writing it down. Now I cannot find it and Panda isn’t answering my support request for the same information.
    If anyone has it, you can email me directly if you do not want to post it here.

    After reading all of these comments, not sure I’ll even receive it after phone verification.

    Thank you.

      • The numbers that I got from online are for Star something to do with mechanical service so I can’t reach them either they owe me 420.00 and their parter site inbox pays owes me around 300 so good luck and if you find a number please email me at thanks.


  5. I believe Panda Research and Minds pay are one and the same company. After going through hell and high water I finally got my $50.00 from Minds Pay. They don’t answer emails and it’s all a scam.

    Now I can’t get paid from Panda Research. First I was told I never verified my request so I did that on January 30, 2014 and was told I would be paid March 1, 2014. To date I have gotten zero, zilch, nothing.


    • Sorry to hear your experience with Panda Research Paula, but also thanks for sharing it with readers here. I hope you get paid eventually – keep bugging them or contact BBB is necessary. You work hard and deserve payment! I can’t believe those bogus fake survey companies!!

  6. Yes, just letting everyone know that Panda Research is one big ripoff. RUN in te other direction if you ever see the name. Do not sign up, do not do any business there – you will get ripped off. Its nothing but a scam site run by a bunch of con artists

    • i have to agree with all of you! I have tried several times to collect my “earnings”, all i get is another bullshit email. also beware of the partner sites!!!!!! I have completed a few of their special offers, paid for the product but have not recieved merchandise., psuduko knives, offers like these. It’s been 3 months. Really!!! I have spent hours and hours on doing or trying to complete their “surveys”. Please don’t waste your time and energy.

    • Thank you for the feedback christy. I also have always wondered that some of their advertisers/sponsors might be scammers, that’s why I never to paid offers.

  7. [quote name=Karem]It sucks! Last time I logged it was on August of last year and there was 2 pending surveys to get approved and almost a year later they still haven’t been approved. It sucks![/quote]I have tried to find the corporate office to get paid and there does nopt seem to be one. I jUST WANT TO GET PAID

  8. The “Free Lists of Legit Paid Survey Sites” in this post leads you to which leads u to U.S. paid surveys in decending order from top legit and the first listed is Global Test Market which requires you to reach 100 points to get $50, I was own it for 2 hrs didn’t get 1 point. Then 2. SurveyHead, said if I signed up I’d get $5 on my account and once I did it showed as pending becuz I hadn’t verified though the email. I looked in my inbox, no email; the time wasted for the listed prizes and these sites is even better spent staring at a wall.

  9. so glad i read all this…it’s hard not to fall for these sites when you are really desperate 😳 …now i just have to delete all the e-mails begging me to activate my account.

  10. I have accumulated $148.00 on surveys. Only a few of these were offers. I have a little over $11.00 verified. When I questioned them about the un-verified surveys they only responded that all offers must be fully completed. What a waste of time! These were $.50 to $1.00 surveys so you can imagine the amount of time wasted.

  11. I’m glad I came here. I’m already a member of e-rewards servey service, and it sounds like they do a better job of taking care of thier clientel. I don’t get money from e-rewards but they do have a few good items to exchange mony for. Either way both servey companies take a while to get the money accumilated. Thank you for letting me know this about Panda Research.

  12. It sucks! Last time I logged it was on August of last year and there was 2 pending surveys to get approved and almost a year later they still haven’t been approved. It sucks!

  13. So I just noticed myself that Panda Research isn’t legit. How do I deactivate my account with them? please someone respond asap. Thanks, raevin.

    • panda does not pay-all above are correct in comments =say I have put in —$79.95—–block is ok -unsubscribe —–got a good one —-post a banner in FACEBOOK-PEOPLE — STOP THE SCAMMERS

  14. well ive signed up ,have done just the clicking of the confirm this paid email and made the first 50 bucks and got paid to my paypal account with in the time frame they set 30 days after you ask to be paid ,only catch is i had to call them to verify the payment ,something they dont twll you and the account is now back up to 30 bucks in less than a month so in my opinion it works

  15. Well, maybe it’s a good thing that I can’t log in. I forgot that info. Also, I have never been charged for anything by them. If that is in my future, I’m gonna bail out now! 😮


  16. Hello Everyone I signed up a week ago ,got the 3.00 sign on tease ,ran up 163.00 and all are still in ver. dept. Have file Complaints can not get any one to contact me or return e-mail or telephone calls. As my old daddy use bto say(Looks like aDuck, Talks Like a Duck ,walks like a Duck, in the end it will Quack everytime.Time To Move on. Good Luck

  17. Oh so disappointing! Most of you are right. I have so many unapproved surveys it’s just ridiculous. I also can look at history and it shows no activity what so ever for the last 10 days! I did a few very early this morning to test them. After several emails back and forth, no one can give an honest answer. They’re full of it folks

  18. I also was burned by panda, I reached the 100.00 mark and still waiting to be paid, I quit as soon as I figured out that they kept giving me the run around about some sites that have not been verify yet. It’s been like 4 or 5 months ago…. 😕

  19. Wow!!! I am so happy i read this before trying to figure out what was going on with the Panda Survey site. I had signed up with the site because, hell who doesn’t want between 3 and 75 dollars per survey!!! lol! They were supposed to send me an email for me to read and click to activate my acct. Hour later I still haven’t received it. But now I don’t think I want to lol!!! Thanks yall!

  20. is not worth your time. You must have $50 approved to be paid. In a year I have $25.76 approved. I have 8 surveys worth a whopping $4.50 from ELEVEN months ago they will not tell me if they’ll credit to my account or not. Now it’s personal and a matter of principle. Do not go there. You have been warned.

  21. I made the mistake of trying panda, they really socked it to my credit card with there so called free trial, better read the really small print, they send trial offers, opps they didn’t bother to tell you that you will be charged up 100. each month for the product. Oh you can return the trial item back, but it cost you to return it and they charge a fee to cancel. Oh my God, do not fall this site, you may get a check from them but it wll cost you twice as much from your own pocket. Lesson learned the hard way 😥

  22. Thanks for the tip!

    For those of you looking for legit paid survey sites, I’ve been using for the past month or so and I am very happy with them. Obviously, you can’t make a living with them… But, I’ve already made $31 for doing just a handful of surveys, which is pretty good, IMHO. Also, they ask you all of the screening questions BEFORE you start the survey. So, you won’t have to waste an hour or more of your time completing the entire survey just to find out that you’re not eligible to be paid. I hate that!

  23. i tried this site myself and they said they were gonna pay me for my remarks and they didnt.i spent almost a whole day with this site.i should have known better. 🙁 :sigh:

  24. i agree it’s a scam. I am pretty educated and thought this was legit but they didn’t deposit funds in my paypal account and I did 5 surveys. don’t do it. I can’t find a legit service like this out there but am reseraching.


  26. I saw it, and I partially signed up, unsure of their payout, because I only want checks.
    Thanks for saving me hassle!

  27. Thank you for your feedback Stella.
    I am curious though, Panada Research has many offers and surveys for people live in India? (I got that base on your IP) 😯 :-?: I thought they only accepts US residents???

    • It’s because “Stella” is a Panda site stalker. Goes around to these threads who talk about what a scam it is and says how WONDERFUL and GREAT Panda is and that she really does get paid! She’s full of crap and is paid to be full of crap!

  28. love this site! I recommend it to everyone! I have been a happy user of this site for just over a year now! I was skeptical at first, but I was hard up for extra cash and figured ‘what do I have to lose’. So I tried it and have been having so much fun! And getting paid is not an issue, after I make $50 on the site I can ask for a payment online and they pay me through my paypal account.

  29. I agree that Panda Research is now good. When you log in they give you “surveys” witht the amount you can earn and then when you try to do them they are trial offers and get paid to try offers.

  30. I’ve tried just about all of the survey’s listed in this site and never got paid from nonme of them they aare all scams

  31. I did over a dozen surveys and at first, Panda was approving them. Then I logged back on today and they were all set back to “pending”! What a disappointment and a major waste of time. 🙁

  32. Hi, Michelle,

    Did you click one of the Google ads? Sorry, I can’t click Google ads on my site due to Google’s policy and I have no control what ads they put on. If one of their ads lead you to a SCAM site, please ignore them.

    Sorry for the confusion. I will talk to Google to see what I can do.

    Thanks for letting me know this.


  33. Hi Michelle,

    I have blocked Panda Research’s ad from showing on my site, as well as other SCAM sites that I mentioned on the “Paid Survey Scam” list. It will take a few hours to take effect.

    I will block any other SCAM sites URLs in the future once I find them.

    Thanks again for pointing this out!

    Best regards,

  34. I signed up for Panda over a year ago, followed all the rules and did get a payout of $112.33; but, they still owe me over $100 that they say they cannot verify.

    I even sent emails showing sites I had signed up for from their site.

    Don’t do it, go for Inbox Dollars if you want to join and cancel for the money!

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