Survey Strategy – Spam or Scam

Survey Strategy ( is not a legitimate paid survey site/market research company. It provides a free database/list of paid survey sites/market research companies.

However, you must provide your first name, last name, email address,  address and zip in order to  access their database.  I wouldn’t sign up because their privacy policy raises red flags and here is the part of the policy about how they use your personal information:

Strategic Financial Publishing, Inc.periodically sends e-mail offers to its web site visitors on behalf of other businesses. By providing information on this web site, you are agreeing to receive these periodic e-mail offers, which Strategic Financial Publishing, Inc. believes may be of interest to you as a consumer. If you do not wish to receive e-mail offers from us, please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the first e-mail you receive and click on the opt-out link provided, which will remove your e-mail address from our database. You will then receive no further e-mail communications from us. If you do not scroll down to the bottom of the first e-mail you receive (or any e-mails thereafter), you will continue to receive e-mail offers from Strategic Financial Publishing, Inc. until you choose to click on the opt-out link that will be provided in each e-mail you receive from us.”

This part is the most troubling:

We may use your personal information that you supply to us and share your personal information with third-party businesses to bring you selected retail opportunities via direct mail, email, or telemarketing.

It is obvious that they probably will share (or maybe sell) your personal information to third party marketing companies and you will get spammed. I personally believe that Survey Strategy definitely is not a legitimate paid survey market research company, probably is just another email harvesting site.

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2 thoughts on “Survey Strategy – Spam or Scam

  1. Sorry to hear you got scammed beba. Did you pay them anything? If yes, did you pay through Paypal or clickbank? – try to get your money back if that is the case.

    You NEVER have to pay anyone to do paid surveys.

  2. Everyone out there it os the biggest scam – do not trust these websites. I got done hard tonight by my faith and got scammed. 😥

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