The Net Panel – scam or spam

Is The Net Panel ( a legit paid survey site or is it a scam or a spam site? I believe they are an email harvesting site, and you are likely get spams.

I checked their Privacy Policy, and here is one part that raises red flag:

“When you register on our Site and/or any of our affiliates’Sites including, but not limited to,,,,,,,,,, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you will join the™list, your Personal Information will be placed into the™database and that such Personal Information shall be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.”

Here is another part:

How We Use Personal Information

This Privacy Policy applies to consumers that have agreed to receive e-mail marketing from us, or any of our partner Sites, via registration on any of our Sites, via e-mail, via third party websites or otherwise. We may sell the Personal Information that you supply to us to any third party and we may work with other businesses to bring selected retail opportunities to our users. These businesses and third parties may include, but are not limited to: (a) providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation; (b) e-mail marketers; (c) direct mail marketers; (d) mobile content marketers; and (e) telemarketers.


It’s more than clear that they are NOT a legit paid survey site. Also, remember do NOT sign up with it’s affiliates sites mentioned in their privacy policy, those are probably spams as well.

By the way, The Net Panel was on SurveyScout’s top 15 paid survey sites – that was probably how I got TONs of spams and even telemarketing calls.

If you are looking for legitimate paid survey sites that are free to join and pay, please check out my Free Lists of Legit Paid Survey Sites.

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