Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Cash

Following are the best legit cash paying online survey sites I have found over the years and recommend. They pay either via check, Paypal or prepaid Visa/Master cards. For your quick reference I list the payment methods along the site names. 
Tip: Please make sure to confirm your memberships by clicking the link within the confirmation email sent to you shortly after you sign up with the survey panels.

  1. Global Test MarketCheck/Paypal
    Top cash paying survey site and has tons of surveys. Members earn points and points can be redeemed for cash  via Paypal or check. They accept members Worldwide, must be at least 14 or older to join. global test market review
  2. iPoll (SurveyHead) Paypal/Visa prepaid card
    Cash reward for every survey. Minimum cash out is $35 paid via Paypal.  They have tons of surveys and I suggest you log into your account dashboard and check and take surveys from there regularly. They accept members Worldwide, 18+ipoll/surveyhead review
  3. Pinecone Research – USA – MALE Only  Check/Paypal 
    Pinecone Research – UK
    Pinecone Research – Canada
    Members earn points for taking surveys and points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. They pay cash via check or Paypal and they pay really fast! Make sure fill out the “profile survey” which will be sent to you shortly after you fill out the sign up form, otherwise you will not be accepted into the panel.  pinecone research review
  4. Toluna – USAPaypal/Visa prepaid card
    Toluna – Canada
    Toluna – UK
    Toluna – Australia
    Members earn points redeemable for cash, paid via Paypal.  Minimum cash-out $20 = 60,000 Points. Minimum ages required 13+. toluna reivew
  5. SurveySavvy Check
    Cash for every survey, paid via check. Minimum cash out $1. They accept members Worldwide, Must be at least 13 years old to join. surveysavvy review
  6. MyView – USAVisa Prepaid Card
    Points redeemable for cash, paid via Visa Prepaid card. Minimum cashout $25 = 35,000 Points. MyView has tons of surveys, I suggest you log into your account every day to take surveys from your account center. U.S. & Australia Only, Minimum 13 years to join. myview review
  7. MySurvey – USACheck/Paypal
    MySurvey – Canada
    MySurvey – UK 
    MySurvey –  Australia
    Member earn points which can be redeemed for cash either via Paypal or check. Minimum cash out $10 via Paypal = 1100 points, $10 via Check = 1500 points. As you can see cash via Paypal requires less points. Minimum age required 14+.   mysurvey review
  8. Brand InstituteCheck/Paypal
    Cash for every survey. You can choose cash reward paid via Check Or Paypal. Please note if you choose Paypal option, you can not go back to check. They accept members Worldwide,  minimum age required 18brand institute review
  9. Valued Opinions – USA - Visa prepaid card
    Valued Opinions – Canada (Web Perspective)  
    Valued Opinions – Australia
    Owned by Research Now Ltd, Valued Opinions rewards members cash paid via Visa® Promocode Online e-code. Minimum cash-out $30.  Minimum age required: 13valued opinions review
  10. Opinion Outpost – USAPaypal
    Opinion Outpost – Canada
    Members earn points which can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Minimum cash out $10 = 1000 points. Must be at least 18 years old to join.  opinion outpost review
  11. E-Poll – USA - Paypal
    Members earn points redeemable for Cash paid via Paypal. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. U. S. Only , 13e-poll review
  12. Springboard America – USACheck/Paypal
    Springboard America is a pretty good survey panel. Members earn cash and minimum cash out threshold is $50 paid via check. 14+ years old.  springboard america review
  13. American Consumer OpinionCheck/Paypal
    Points redeemable for cash, paid via Paypal or Check. Minimum cashout $10 = 1000 Points. They accept members Worldwide, 13+ years old. american consumer opinion review
  14. Ipsos – USA – Check/Paypal
    Ipsos – Canada
    Members earn points which can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Minimum cash out $15 needs 1500 points. Ipsos has many surveys and product testing opportunities. Minimum age to join 13  years old.   Ipsos-isay review
  15. Legerweb – USA & CanadaCheck
    Legerweb is a very good Canadian based online paid survey site. They accept members from US and Canada. Members earn cash for completing surveys and once you have $20 you can request payment paid by check. I have been paid and usually it takes 3 weeks for the check to arrive. U.S. & Canada, 18+ years oldledgerweb review
  16. Surveyspot – USA - Paypal
    Members earn points which can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Minimum cash out $10 = 1000 points. You receive your cash in Paypal immediately after you redeem. Open to US Only, 18+ year oldsurveyspot review
  17. OpinionSiteCheck
    Members get paid cash (via check) for taking surveys. Minimum cash out thread is only $10. US Only, 18+
  18. Inspired Opinion – USA Check
    Inspired Opinion have many focus groups opportunities as well as “regular” paid surveys. Panel members earn points for taking online surveys. Points are redeemable for amazon gift certificates. Members get paid cash (via Check) for high paying survey/projects and focus groups.  U.S. Only, 18+
  19. Hotspex Canada – Paypal
    Hotspex is a great Canadian based online survey sites. Members get paid cash via Paypal and amazon gift certificates. You need 1100 Bux (point) to exchange $10 amazon gift certificate. Canada Only, 13+ years old.
  20. YouGov - Visa prepaid card
    You earn points for surveys, points convert to cash, amazon and various popular store gift cards. U.S. Only, 14+ years old.
  21. ProOpinion Panel Paypal
    Founded by SSI. Members earn points for every survey completed. Points redeemable for cash via Paypal. 18 and older to join.
  22. PollBuzzer Panel - Paypal
    PollBuzzer panel members get paid cash via Paypal.  U.S. Only, 18+ years old.
  23. Clear Voice Surveys –  Master prepaid card
    Clear Voice Survey members need to have earned at least $10 to request cash payment paid by Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard. Accept members Worldwide, 18+ years old.
  24. MyPointsPaypal
    Members earn points for taking every survey. (You get 10 points if don’t qualify). Points can redeemed for cash via Paypal. Very reliable site. Open to USA & Canada, Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  25. Opinion World  — Paypal
    Founded by SSI. Panel members earn points for taking surveys, points can be redeemed for cash (Paypal), gift cards and prizes. 13+.
  26. Mindfield Online – USA & CanadaCheck/Paypal
    Cash for every survey. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. Check threshold is $20. They also have Amazon option minimum $5. Minimum age requirement: 18+.   mindfield online review
  27. HCD Surveys – USACheck
    HCD members earn points for ever survey, and points can be redeemed for cash paid via check. Once you reach 1000 points ($10) you can request payment.  U.S. Only, 18+  hcd review
  28. Mommy Talk Surveys - Paypal
    Members get paid cash via Payapl. New members get $5 sign up bonus. Open to USA, 18+
  29. MyOpinionNow - Check
    Members earn points for surveys, points redeemable for cash (via check). Must be 18 and older to join. They have many product testing opportunities.  USA Only.
  30. Survey DownlinePaypal
    Members get paid cash (via Paypal) for taking surveys. USA, Canada, UK & AU only. Minimum cash out $20. Must be  13 or older to join.
  31. LiveWireCheck
    Members get paid check (paid by Check) for every survey! They don’t send many surveys but their surveys usually are easy and pay well! Please note: the first time you complete a survey for them, you will be asked to provide your SSN. Please be assured that they are legit and I never had problems with them. They only accept members from US, 18 years or older.
  32. ESearchPaypal
    ESearch pays members cash (Paypal) for taking every survey. Must be 18 and older to join and open to US only.
  33. Cada Cabeza Debit Visa card
    A US Latino survey panel. Members earn points for completing surveys and points can be redeemed for cash via re-loadable Visa debit cards.   US only, Minimum age required 13 and older to join.

Some Notes and Tips:

1. Cash Payment via Paypal

Many of the cash paying survey panels offer Paypal option. Paypal payment is secure and fast, and sometimes it is the only way to get cash by some survey sites – that’s why I highly recommended you to open a free Paypal account if you don’t have one. You can just open a personal Paypal account and it’s always free to receive money from survey companies.

When survey panels offer cash via Paypal option, most of the time your survey panel registration email address should match your Paypal address (the only exception I can think of is Pinecone Research, which you can add a separate Paypal email address.). If your Paypal email is different from survey email, you can add your survey email address to your Paypal account, since Paypal allows each account have several email addresses.

Please note that some survey panels require that you have a verified Payapl account to receive cash payments (such as OpinionOutpost and Surveyspot).  To become Verified, you must:

  1. Confirm your email address.
  2. Add a credit or debit card to your account.
  3. Link and confirm your card.

2. Prepaid Visa or Master cash cards

You might have noticed that some survey panel reward cash via prepaid visa/master or American express prepaid card. This is a good option for those who don’t have a bank or Paypal account. Prepaid cash cards are very handy and they can be used in offline and/or online stores.

The things you should pay attention to those prepaid cards are that you should always check the expiration date and use them as soon as possible in case there is any problem and you will be able to contact the survey companies in time.

3. Pay cash via Check

Obviously check is a traditional cash payment method. Personally I have never had problems receiving and cashing check payments, but I have heard other people have had problems.

Remember that it is very important that survey companies have your correct name and mailing address on file – the check will never arrive/reach you if you have a wrong address, and you won’t be able to cash your check if it has wrong name on it.

If you have any problems receiving checks such as a lost check/wrong name etc, you should contact the survey companies immediately.

Final Thought

Above are the top cash paying online survey panels based on my experience and research. I probably will be adding more along the way, so please bookmark this article and check back later.

Although many people like to get paid cash for completing surveys, there are a few good survey sites that pay gift cards only that worthing joining They are: Consumer Village, TellWut, Opinion Square, Univox Community, Your Word, and MySoapBox . Those survey panels currently don’t offer cash but they are legitimate, reliable, offer popular gift cards (such as amazon, itunes, stores like walmart) and have many good survey opportunities.  I really think you shouldn’t miss them and I do recommend them.

Do you know any survey panels that pay cash not listed here? Please feel free to share your experience and share this list with family and friends or anyone you know who wants to get paid cash for taking survey online, thank you!

34 thoughts on “Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Cash

  1. I have tried almost every survey and points for prizes sites and most of them suck. I did find one good site and its the only one that I use. They give you 250 points just for signing up and thats enough points to order one of their prizes without even doing anything. When I first joined I ordered a $ 1.00 bill for 100 points and in about 2 weeks I recieved it. I then started doing surveys and watching videos to earn points to buy some cool stuff. You can use your points to get pretty much anything that you want from Amazon or you can get gift cards or use your points at their gift shop. You can also earn cash that can be sent to your paypal or by a check. I love this site and if you want to give it a try please use my link You might have to copy and paste it.They will give me 25 points if you decide to join.

    • Thanks for your comment Tony. First of all I would like to remind readers that points4shop isn’t a survey site. Second, may I ask how much do they pay per survey? Anyway glad you are having success with this site, but I would also suggest you try the real cash paying survey sites on this list. cheers.:)

  2. Hello Mlynn, I do paid survey on line for one year, but I just can earn $300 every month. So many surveys are not complete. Could you show me some good sites and some technical or do you have some training for this area. Thanks.

    • Hi Amanda, $300 a month is really good! How many survey panels you belong to? I have listed all the best cash paying survey site I know here, and there are some very good ones pay gift cards. Regarding training, I think there are a few basic tips for everyone like use a separate email address, response quickly for high paying surveys, fill out profile surveys etc. I agree there are so many surveys personally I don’t have time to take all the surveys I receive, you just have to figure out which survey panels are the best one for you and do your best. Hope It helps. I am going to write a separate article on the tips later.

    • Hi Amanda, I am aged 65 years and a Pensioner of Government of India and earning monthly pension of approximately $450. To supplement my pension income I want to earn some extra monthly, for which I opted to do paid surveys. Armada, I am happy to know that you are earning approximately $300 every month from surveys. I will be very happy and very much grateful if you could part with me the sites where you are doing surveys, so that I feel, I can also earn some extra big income like you ($ 300 is a big income for me). Will you be kind enough to mail me with the URLs of the sites where you take surveys

  3. Swagbucks is a decent site as well as /MoneyMaker

    Mintvine is also an easy to use site that pays as well as InboxDollars and CashCrate

    • Thanks for your comment Amanda. I have heard and know a little bit about Mintvine and swagbuck. My understanding is they are those get to paid sites where you get paid to lot of stuff including surveys.I don’t want to confuse folks and that’s why I didn’t include them here. :)

      • Inbox Dollars isn’t really a survey site, it’s a paid offer site, even though they have those low paying daily surveys. If you only take their surveys it does take a long time to reach payout.

  4. Hi Global Test Market no longer offers the check/Paypal payment option to the new joinees..i have joined in Sept14, and now on completion of required points , i see that the points can only be redeemed for crappy vouchers but not check…Such an horrible thing to do even without informing…cheaters

    • Hi Seema, that’s really strange. I just logged into my GlobalTestMarket account, I still see check ($50) and Paypal ($10, $15, $20…) options. So seems to me the cash rewards still there. I highly doubt that they treat new members differently. I suggest you contact their customer service on the reward issue. You need to go to the “rewards” section first, then check the “FAQ/Customer Service” tab. I have contacted them before and their support is pretty good. Hope it helps, and good luck!

  5. I have been taking surveys and there is several sites that offer your survey every time I try to enter my email it just keeps saying this field is required. I haven’t had any problems with anything else. They offer several surveys a day so I hate to pass them up. any help will be very much appreciated.

    • Hi Randy, NO, they don’t make you to buy any products to test. They send the FREE products to you to test, and you need to fill out a following up survey about the products after. Hope it helps!

  6. I’m concerned about Paypal. Is it true that the Paypal account has to be connected to a bamk account? If this is true, wouldn’t it be wise to open a separate bank account just for Paypal rather than using your regular account?

    • Hi Marion, I believe the only survey panels that require you have a verified Paypal account is Surveyspot and OpinionOutpost…I could be wrong though. I will double check again.

  7. i signed up via your banner at the top of the page. it took me right to the signup website. i got the confirmation email from pinecone research, i filled out the member panel questionaire and now i am a member. it couldn’t have been any easier. thank you so much!

    • You are welcome. Interestingly. recently I just re-joined Pincecone Research with the sign up link on my site. I received an email with an link to finish my “profile” survey and got the welcome email the next day. :)

    • How’s going with Pinecone kimmie? Since re-joined Pinecone I have already completed two paying surveys. They changed to point system so cashout becomes little more time consuming, but other than that I am happy with them.


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